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Motorcycle classes to be offered

Personnel who need to attend a motorcycle course to operate their motorcycles on Fort McCoy now have a choice of three classes held at the installation.

Military and federal civilian personnel will have priority registration and can attend the courses at Fort McCoy for free. Contracted civilian employees may attend a course if space is available and will pay to attend.

The 16-hour, two-day Basic Riders Motorcycle Course, the five-hour Experienced Riders Motorcycle and the eight-hour Military Sport Bike Rider Course will be offered from April-September at Fort McCoy.

To view the course schedules and to register online for the courses, go to the website http://www.ridesafewi.com and click on the military and DoD civilian link.

The website’s frequently-asked-questions section provides answers to attending courses on standby status at Fort McCoy or attending classes at other sites (recommended for Family members who will pay), etc.

Prior to Feb. 15, all transactions, including registration, must be done online. Effective Feb. 15, registration and customer service also will be available by phone by calling 715-299-7728.

For more information about safety in the Fort McCoy community, call the Installation Safety Office at 608-388-3403 or visit the Fort McCoy Extranet, which is available through the public website at http://www.mccoy.army.mil

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