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School Liaison Office assists military Families

The Fort McCoy School Liaison Office provides a one-stop location for military parents and students in the installation community who need more information about the area school districts and other educational opportunities.

Becky Walley, School Liaison officer for the Fort McCoy Child, Youth and School Services program, said her office is working with the Wisconsin Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children, a new state council that will smooth school transitions for children of military Families.

Walley can act as a go-between school districts and military Families to help ensure students are placed in the right classes.
For example, if students took a course in a previous school district that could be credited to their curriculum in their new school district, they wouldn’t have to retake the course. They could then take another course.

“This helps the students take advantage of the best available educational opportunities,” Walley said. “I try to smooth the transition for the military Families between their previous school districts and their new educational opportunities.”

As the School Liaison officer, Walley can provide academic support services within a 50-mile radius of Fort McCoy, and can provide information or referrals about such things as charter schools, open enrollment and other enrollment and graduation issues or questions.

Walley also is available to help answer questions about any school matters, such as extracurricular programs, local school statistics, grading practices, graduation requirements and local, state and national test results.

As the School Liaison officer, Walley helps and distributes information about impact aid and why it’s important for Families to fill out related forms.

For more information about school support services in the Fort McCoy community, call Walley at 608-388-6814.

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