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Strong Bonds sessions for 2011 announced

The 88th Regional Support Command (RSC) will host a number of Strong Bonds enrichment weekends for married and single Army Reserve Soldiers and their Family members in the 88th RSC’s 19-state region of responsibility. The 88th RSC is headquartered at Fort McCoy.

The Strong Bonds program encourages a safe and relaxed environment where Soldiers and military couples can learn new skills that help prevent the disintegration of their most-important relationships.

Strong Bonds offers three programs:
The Marriage Enrichment Retreat for the married Army couple seeks to strengthen the marital bond through marriage education, better communication and relationship enhancement.

The Single Soldier Retreat focuses on helping single Soldiers learn decision-making, goal-setting and relationship-enhancement skills in a very interactive environment.

The Military Family Enrichment Retreat helps military Families work together, with the focus on skills that help the Military Family stay strong.

The schedule, by month, is:

February: 11-13 (Marriage Enrichment), Chicago; 11-13 (Single Life Enrichment), Chicago;
March: 11-13 (Military Family Enrichment), Salt Lake City; 25-27 (Marriage Enrichment), Denver;
April: 8-10 (Marriage Enrichment), Branson, Mo.; 29-(May) 1 (including pre-deployment Marriage Enrichment), Park City, Utah;
May: 13-15 (Single Life Enrichment), Seattle; 20-22 (Marriage Enrichment), Duluth, Minn.;
June: 10-12 (Single Life Enrichment), Denver; 24-26 (Marriage Enrichment), Seattle;
July: 15-17 (Marriage Enrichment), Kansas City, Mo.; 22-24 (Single Life Enrichment), Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; 29-31 (Marriage Enrichment), Twin Cities, Minn.;
August: 12-14 (Marriage Enrichment), St. Louis; 19-21 (Military Family Enrichment), Coeur d’Alene, Idaho;
September: 9-11 (Single Life Enrichment), Chicago.

Soldiers are requested to check for unit-sponsored events. Soldiers from the Major Army Command (MACOM) sponsoring an event receive preference for MACOM-sponsored events.

All MACOM-sponsored events are open to the general military population 30 days out from the event.

For more information about the Strong Bonds program go to the website http://www.strongbonds.org.

For more information about Strong Bonds in the Fort McCoy community, contact the following personnel in the 88th RSC: Chaplain (Maj.) Jason Logan, 608-388-0339, jason.b.logan@usar.army.mil; Staff Sgt. David Mangan, 608-388-0541, david.mangan1@usar.army.mil; or the Strong Bonds team Chaplain (Capt.) Robert Sunman, 608-388-0554, robert.sunman@usar.army.mil; or Sgt. John Sanchez, 608-388-0555, john.martin.sanchez@usar.army.mil.

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