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January 27, 2012


ACAP to offer Feb. 6-9 workshop for military personnel at McCoy

Military personnel nearing separation or retirement can attend in-depth retirement training at Fort McCoy Feb. 6-9 through the Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP).

Tom Kunz, the Fort McCoy ACAP counselor, said the first day of the workshop is a pre-retirement briefing, which is open to military, civilians and Family members.

The Fort McCoy ACAP office is aligned with the Fort Knox, Ky., ACAP. ACAP seminars are presented at Fort McCoy on an approximately quarterly basis, with the next one scheduled for May.

The information presented during the ACAP training is geared to active-duty Soldiers and to Guard or Reserve personnel with 180 days of continuous duty who are within one year of leaving the military and also is available to Department of Defense (DoD) civilians within two years of retirement eligibility, Kunz said.

The remainder of the training is spent in the Transition Assistance Program (TAP).

“This covers employment, resume writing, interviewing skills and dressing for success,” Kunz said. “It’s aimed at Soldiers and retired military veterans and their transition to a civilian career.”

ACAP is designed to help military veterans determine if they want to work or if they want to retire, he said.

All of the choices of transitioning to a civilian career or remaining in the military are covered.

Kunz’ office formerly was attached to the mobilization/demobilization program, and the office moved to building 2187 when the mobilization program ended at Fort McCoy.

ACAP covers a number of benefits available to separating and retiring servicemembers.

Among the topics covered are TRICARE, Veterans Affairs/Help Center assistance, life insurance, finances, state and disabled veterans benefits, etc.

Department of Labor personnel present TAP workshops, which help servicemembers develop individual transition plans, he said.

“If servicemembers who are separating or retiring want to work, ACAP will do everything it can to help them get a job,” Kunz said. “It’s better for the veterans to have a job if they want one, and it saves the government from spending money to provide unemployment benefits.”

ACAP services also are available around-the-clock at the website www.acap.army.mil. Kunz said the information on the site can be used to help prepare for an ACAP workshop or for review or further study to maintain or expand employability skills.

ACAP has been in existence for 20 years and has established a good track record of providing employment information to servicemembers, he said.

“No one really is knocking on your door to tell you about the options available when you’re leaving the military,” Kunz said. “This program helps educate servicemembers to make the right choice.”

Kunz is available weekdays to answer questions by calling 608-388-7941.

Retirement services for Department of Defense civilian employees in the Fort McCoy work force, including briefings, are handled through the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at Fort McCoy.

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