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January 25, 2013


Selected training areas at McCoy renamed

A number of training facilities at Fort McCoy have been renamed to create more of a real-world scenario for military personnel training at Fort McCoy.

Ed Carns, chief of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Training Division, said many of the training villages or areas at Fort McCoy had informal names or numbers in the terminology the installation used to identify them.

Wherever Soldiers might be deployed to the villages will have formal names, Carns said. “Giving the villages here names was the simplest way to give the military personnel coming here to train a consistent environment that they would find elsewhere.”

The names of deceased garrison commanders were used to provide that consistency and appropriate names for the installation training locations, to honor the history of Fort McCoy and to provide a connection to the installation, he said. It also makes it easier for troops to find locations on maps by looking for the names.

For example, the Mobile Urban Training-Sites have been renamed Rice (South Post) and Hughes (North Post).

The two Home Station Training Lanes (HSTL) now have been renamed with commanders’ names marking important locations on them. For example, HSTL 1 includes the locations Cotts, Dawson, Thomas and Craig. The HSTL 2 includes the locations Connolly, Bush, and Doty.

Several exceptions do exist.

The names of some villages that are closely associated with the training areas they are located near were renamed to reflect that reality.

Carns said this includes villages near the Badger Drop Zone (now called Badgertown) and the Young Air Assault Strip (now called Youngstown). The village near Scotts Junction is called Scotts Junction.

The former Multipurpose Field Training Sites have been renamed Tactical Training Bases Valor, Patriot and Justice (North Post) and Independence (South Post).

The Forward Operating Bases will remain Freedom (South Post) and Liberty (North Post).

In the next several months, Carns said new maps reflecting the changes are scheduled to be prepared and available for distribution to authorized personnel and military units.

For information about scheduling training at Fort McCoy, call DPTMS Range Scheduling at 608-388-4142/3721.

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