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New resume system to be 
tested beginning Feb. 27

Fort McCoy will be one of the pilot test sites for the Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Staffing Solution (ESS) process, an enterprise-wide initiative designed to standardize, streamline and transform the DoD civilian hiring process.

The six-month pilot program is expected to begin Friday, Feb. 27.

Karen Kohn, Fort McCoy Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) director, said the new ESS system, is being considered as the replacement for Resumix.

The system, if approved, is likely to be implemented DoD-wide sometime after the testing period is completed.

The system is scheduled to be used for not only appropriated fund vacancies, but also non-appropriated fund (NAF) vacancies in the Fort McCoy garrison, Kohn said. Currently NAF is not using an automated application and referral system.

Bill Reneau, CPAC NAF Division chief, said the Army chose to test in three of its regions: North Central, North East and West. "Fort McCoy NAF is aligned with Rock Island, Ill., and we got picked in our region because the Fort McCoy CPAC NAF Division provides Human Resources support to the Rock Island NAF employees," Reneau said. 

In addition to Fort McCoy and Rock Island, the pilot program also will include the Combat Support Training Center in California, which also is supported by the Fort McCoy CPAC.

Kohn and Jim Pattison, CPAC Division chief, said the Fort McCoy CPAC thought the opportunity to field the program on a test basis would allow the installation to get an early, first look at the Web-based program.

Kohn said, "There are many benefits to participating in the pilot early. One is that by the time the testing is done, we should have a portion of our customer base trained and operational."

"The ESS program also features instant access for both managers and employees. This allows everyone to see where an action is at any given time."

Bill Reneau,
CPAC NAF Division Chief

The ESS is envisioned to effectively support the recruitment and staffing requirements of civilian personnel for all DoD components by automating many federal recruitment and hiring processes.

The ESS will incorporate aspects of the recruiting and hiring process from identifying a staffing need and creating and posting a job announcement, through collecting resumes and application materials, rating and ranking applicants, issuing referral lists, pre-employment assessment, and entrance-on-duty processing paperwork.

The system will be an improvement for the NAF personnel who currently do not have an automated recruitment system, Reneau said.

The new program will help both employees and managers determine who is best qualified for a job and help simplify the selection process. Reneau said the new system includes an interactive question portion, which asks specific questions about the position up front and in a positive manner.

Currently in the Resumix program, applicants’ qualifications are judged by, in part, if they include key words in their responses. Dawn Pastick, CPAC Branch chief, said many times employees would apply for a position without reading the job description carefully to determine if they meet the qualifications of the vacancy. In the ESS process, if there is a requirement for a college degree or professional license, applicants are asked up front if they have the degree or license. Reneau said if they don’t meet the requirement, the applicant is told up front that they do not qualify for the vacancy.

Some of the other anticipated benefits of the ESS process for employees and supervisors/mangers:

•  DoD employees and other job applicants will be able to submit one resume that can be accessed by all DoD hiring managers. This compares to the current approach of requiring applicants to submit resumes multiple times if they want to apply for jobs at different DoD agencies or activities.

• Because ESS is Internet/Web-based, DoD employees with access to a computer can access the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to view current vacancies, apply for jobs, track their status for any particular job they have applied for and complete any required forms online.

• ESS is built with all federal government and DoD regulatory and legal safeguards in place to ensure maximum consideration for DoD employees affected by veterans preference, Priority Placement Program status or targeted diversity or disability goals.

• Applicants will be allowed to define their interest so they are automatically informed, by e-mail, when positions are posted that match their profile.

• ESS also provides access for DoD employees to continue to submit paper resumes and other required paperwork to be considered for DoD civilian jobs.

"The ESS program also features instant access for both managers and employees," Reneau said. "This allows everyone to see where an action is at any given time."

Training is being planned for management and employees, and more information will be published at a later date. For more information about ESS, call (608) 388-2722.


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