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 January 22, 2010


MWR unit funds support Soldiers' recreation activities

By Tom Michele, Eagle Systems & Services
Money is available for units to use for recreation and relaxation time while mobilizing at Fort McCoy.

“Unit Funds” are coordinated through the Fort McCoy Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR), while the mobilizing unit is at Fort McCoy, and also while serving in-theater and yet again when they demobilize.

Kathy Rastall, chief, Management Support Division of the Fort McCoy DFMWR, said  $1 per Soldier per month is available to the unit while on the installation, which increases to $2 per Soldier per month starting on the departure date from the Continental United States garrison and ends on the date of redeployment.

“Money will be used for the collective benefit of all members during off-duty MWR recreational activities,” Rastall said as she quoted an item on the MWR Unit Fund information sheet. “It has to be for the good of the entire unit,” she said.

“It can include funds for holding a ‘welcome home’ party,” Rastall said.

The information sheet for Unit Funds includes the necessary documentation, which is found in the letter of instruction, about how units can request unit funds for this purpose. The list includes one copy of the unit’s mobilization orders and of the unit roster.

“Unit representatives may contact our office, building 2187, telephone extension (608-388-) 2507 or extension 2813, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, for detailed information,” Rastall said.

Information also is online at http://www.mccoymwr.com.

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