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Severe Weather Announcements/Procedures

During any severe winter weather situation, a liberal leave policy will automatically be in effect. This policy affords supervisors and employees flexibility in addressing an individual request for leave or a work schedule adjustment due to weather, accommodating a late arrival, and/or an employee’s request for an early departure due to weather conditions. Annual leave may be requested and approved in 15-minute increments. If the Garrison Commander should deem that due to an extreme weather situation all post operations would need to be suspended during the duty day, then that announcement will be made via a command-approved, postwide e-mail communication, with employee notifications then disseminated through their supervisory channels. If such a decision were to be made outside of the normal duty day, then a Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office-authorized announcement will be released to the following local media outlets (television/radio stations):

WKBT (TV) CH 8               WTMB 94.5 FM                WCOW 97.1 FM
WEAU (TV) CH 13             WWIS 99.77 FM                WAXX 104.5 FM
WXOW (TV) CH 19            WIZM 93.3 FM    

In addition, information regarding liberal leave/post closure can be obtained after duty hours by calling (608) 388-7777 or dialing toll-free 800-982-3585, extension 7777.



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