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January 13, 2012


McCoy employee honored for helping vet get retirement pay

Geneve N. Mankel, Public Affairs Staff

A Fort McCoy employee was recognized by Installation Management Command (IMCOM) as the IMCOM Hero of the Day, Dec. 12, 2011.

PHOTO: Ken Quade, separations and retirement services specialist, Directorate of Human Resources

Ken Quade, a separations and retirement services specialist with the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) at Fort McCoy, assisted a customer in receiving more than $41,000 in retirement back pay and also helped the customer establish TRICARE benefits.

The IMCOM Hero of the Day program identifies outstanding civilian employee accomplishments, said Terry Streeton, Fort McCoy DHR director. One hero is recognized at each IMCOM Commander’s Update Briefing and introduced via video teleconference to Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter, Commanding General, IMCOM.

Streeton nominated Quade, and said this is the first case of something like this happening at Fort McCoy that he is aware of.
Streeton said the customer, a retired Soldier, visited the Fort McCoy I.D. Card Office to renew his Reserve Retired I.D. card. Quade questioned him about not having a Department of Defense (DD) Form 2 (Retired) I.D. card (drawing retired pay).

The retiree was unaware he was eligible for a DD Form 2 I.D. card.

Quade informed him that he should have been drawing retired pay since 1998 when he turned 60 years old, and that he and his wife also have been eligible for TRICARE since then.

Quade assisted him in completing his retired pay application, explaining his Survivor Benefit Plan options and submitting the necessary forms to the Human Resources Command.

Several months later, the retiree and his wife informed Quade that, because of his help, they received more than $41,000 in back pay.

“He was very happy,” Quade said. “He also received his TRICARE health benefit. He was paying for other health insurance at the time, so he could stop the other insurance immediately, saving him money.”

“It felt great knowing I had made a difference,” Quade said.

The retiree indicated the new-found retired pay and health benefit have improved their lives dramatically, and that he and his wife greatly appreciated Quade’s help, Streeton said.

Quade said retirees who have questions about their benefits should contact the nearest Retirement Service Officer or County Veterans Service Officer.

The Army Echoes and Fort McCoy Honors newsletters also provide retirement services information.

Supervisors who would like more information about submitting an employee nomination for the IMCOM Hero of the Day can contact Streeton at 608-388-4669.

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