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January 11, 2013


McCoy motorists advised to steer clear of snow-removal equipment

Motorists are advised to demonstrate proper precaution around large snow-removal equipment.
PHOTO: A snow plow helps clear a Fort McCoy roadway. Photo by Rob Schuette
A snow plow helps clear a Fort McCoy roadway after a recent snowfall. 
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

Directorate of Public Works personnel report several dangerous instances where motor vehicles tried to pass snow-removal equipment on the installation, and, in some cases, were traveling at an unsafe, high speed. These actions are unsafe for both the snow removal operators and the motorists trying to pass them.

Motorists are urged to exercise patience when encountering snow-removal equipment by leaving plenty of space between their vehicles and the snow-removal equipment. The operators cannot see vehicles behind them and may back up unexpectedly. Wait to pass until the snow-removal equipment comes to a stop and raises the plow units, or, if possible, take a different route to avoid the plow completely.

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