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January 11, 2013


Rumpel Fitness Center 1,000-Pound Club welcomes new member

A Wisconsin National Guard Soldier became the latest member of Fort McCoy’s exclusive 1,000-Pound Club by making quick work of the required weight lifting.

Sgt. 1st Class Edwin Bonayon of the 54th Combat Support Team (Weapons of Mass Destruction) of Madison, Wis., said he had been eyeing the contest during his workouts at the Rumpel Fitness Center.
PHOTO: A Soldier completes a successful dead lift during his effort to make the Rumpel Fitness Center 1,000-Pound Club. Photo by Rob Schuette
Sgt. 1st Class Edwin Bonayon completes a successful dead lift during his effort to make the Rumpel Fitness Center 1,000-Pound Club. Patrick Jerome of the fitness center staff verifies Bonayon’s efforts.
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

“When I completed my military training, I was beginning to leave the installation and head home, but then I decided to stop at the fitness center before leaving,” Bonayon said. “I wanted to get a T-shirt and my name on the plaque of the club members.”

With Rumpel Fitness Staff member Patrick Jerome acting as an observer/judge, Bonayon easily lifted more than 1,000 pounds combined in the dead lift, squat and bench press categories to join the club.

Females also can compete for a spot in the club by lifting a combined 400 pounds in the three categories.

Participants get two attempts to establish their best lifts in each category. A 60-second time limit is in effect for each lift. Weights must be controlled at all times, and judges’ decisions about qualifying lifts are final.

Kregg Koscal, fitness center personal trainer, said the program encourages patrons to become familiar with the benefits of weight lifting as part of an overall fitness program.

“With Sergeant Bonayon, we have 23 males and one female in the club,” Koscal said. “The program also challenges participants to do their best and set goals to accomplish their fitness objectives.”

Appointments are encouraged to ensure a judge is available. Participants won’t be turned away, however, if they don’t make an appointment and personnel are available to judge the lifts, he said. The fitness center offers a number of scheduled classes to authorized patrons to help them develop a well-rounded fitness regimen, Koscal said.

For more information about fitness center offerings, visit the fitness center at building 1122, call 608-388-2290 or visit the website http://www.mccoymwr.com/home/fitness.html

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