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Newspaper resumes publication as 
'The Real McCoy'

      The renaming of the Fort McCoy newspaper as "The Real McCoy," with this issue, helps begin the countdown to celebrate the installation's 100th anniversary in 2009.

      Installation Public Affairs Officer Linda Fournier said installation records indicate that Fort McCoy only has had two newspapers in its history, which began in 1909.

      The Real McCoy was first published July 24, 1942 to serve the personnel at then-Camp McCoy.

"The Real McCoy will not only be an organ of information, but will help to coordinate all the activities of the camp, and will express the spirit of the entire camp ..."

Col. George M. MacMullin,
1942 Installation Commander

      In that year, the installation underwent major expansion to serve the country during World War II. Installation Commander Col. George M. MacMullin gave his endorsement to the newspaper in a front page column in the inaugural issue of The Real McCoy.

      "The Real McCoy will not only be an organ of information, but will help to coordinate all the activities of the camp, and will express the spirit of the entire camp in its endeavor to complete our preparation with the utmost efficiency," MacMullin wrote. "We are a part of the great program of national preparation to achieve a full and final victory for democracy. The Real McCoy, in no small way, will contribute toward the morale of our camp and, therefore, to that final victory."

      Publication of The Real McCoy continued on a weekly basis until 1947.

      After 1947, intermittent issues of the newspaper were published until the military buildup in the 1950s for the Korean War. Issues were produced weekly from 1950-52.

      After 1952, The Real McCoy became a summer-only publication. This publication schedule continued into the 1970s.

      In 1975, then-Installation Commander Col. Richard A. Crecelius initiated a contest to rename the installation newspaper. More-than 100 entries were received, including the winning "Triad" entry.

      The Triad followed the summer-only publication schedule until 1984 when the installation negotiated a civilian-enterprise (CE) contract to print the newspaper year-round at no-cost to the Army.

      The CE contract printer makes money to cover the cost of publication by selling ads. A successful CE contract relationship continues today.

      The reincarnation of The Real McCoy will continue the installation newspaper's service to the community, Fournier said.

      "Installation newspapers are a primary Command Information tool to convey key messages to intended internal and external audiences," Fournier said. "The newspaper associates the name of the installation with the product and is an avenue to assist in marketing the installation to its readership."

Publication schedules to continue on 2nd, 4th Fridays

      "The Real McCoy" newspaper is published on the second and fourth Fridays of a month. The newspaper is published once in December on the second Friday.

      The schedule through March (with deadlines in parenthesis) is:

      Jan. 25 (Jan. 16); Feb. 8 
      (Jan. 31); Feb. 22 (Feb. 13);
      March 14 (March 6); March 28
      (March 20).

      "For example, the phrase 'The Real McCoy' is an expression used throughout much of the English-speaking world to mean 'the real thing,' or 'the genuine article,' and the pages of our publication are a very real and important reflection of the things our installation does to support the nation's armed forces each and every day of the year."

      The Triad has been associated primarily with the shape of the installation's cantonment area and with the post's Distinctive Unit Insignia, Fournier said. Over the years, references to the Triad have become generic and at times resulted in confusion as to whether the newspaper or logo was being discussed.

      The Real McCoy name will rectify that, Fournier said. The name change will provide automatic name recognition and branding of the product.

      The Real McCoy newspaper will continue to be printed the second and fourth Fridays of a month, except for December when a single issue is printed on the second Friday only.

      The Real McCoy will be available in an online format by going to the Fort McCoy Corporate Network or to the public Web site at http://www.mccoy.army.mil and clicking on reading room and installation newspaper. Triads also are archived from Nov. 12, 1999.

      Submissions of photographs and/or articles can be made by contacting the Public Affairs Office (PAO) at (608) 388-4128/2769, by fax at (608) 388-3749 or via e-mail to usarmy.mccoy.imcom-northeast.list.pao-admin@mail.mil.

      PAO staff will retain the discretion to edit material to ensure it meets security, accuracy, propriety and policy standards as set forth in Army Regulation 360-1, the Army Public Affairs Program.

      For more information about "The Real McCoy," call the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office at (608) 388-4128/2769.


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