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Fitness Frenzy program under way

      Authorized personnel are welcome to participate in the Rumpel Fitness Center's second annual Fitness Frenzy program, which will help people shape up as well as earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

      The program is under way and will run through noon May 13. Personnel can participate by coming to the Fitness Center's issue counter, building 1122, and filling out/providing information for a personal point sheet. No fees are charged to participate.

      Points can be earned (to qualify for prizes) every time a participant engages in an eligible physical activity at the Fitness Center.

Prizes awarded for 4 point levels

      Participants in the Fort McCoy Fitness Frenzy program can receive/are eligible for prize consideration at the following levels:

  • 15 points, exercise band;

  • 35 points, water bottle;

  • 100 points, nylon sports bag; and,

  • 150 points, entry in a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate for use at the La Crosse Valley View Mall.

     Examples of eligible activities include, but are not limited to, losing weight, 30 minutes of cardio activity (at the Fitness Center), participating in a fitness class, attending a private adult swimming lesson, participating in intramural sports, bringing children and participating in physical activities with them, using the Fitness Center's running trails, etc.

     Results will be tabulated through noon May 13.

     The male and female participants who have accumulated the most points each will receive a $250 gift certificate, which will be presented during the installation's Health and Wellness Fair May 14, that can be used at Valley View Mall.

      Fitness Center staff members also remind participants the activities can be used to participate in the "Minute Mania" Club program.

      The club was created from four different clubs, which were walking, running, bicycling and swimming. In this program, participants are encouraged to accumulate 1,000 minutes of physical activity in a month.

      This is approximately 30 minutes of exercise each day, which studies recommend for people to help maintain proper levels of physical fitness.

      Anyone who accumulates 1,000 minutes of activity in a month is eligible to participate in a drawing for a free "Minute Mania" T-shirt.

      More information about the programs is available at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Web site 
http://www.mccoymwr.com by clicking on Rumpel Fitness Center or by calling the Fitness Center at (608) 388-2290.


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