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Armywide News

Army launches troop movement, stationing changes Web site

      WASHINGTON, D.C.  (Army News Service) -- The Army has launched its latest Web site, Grow the Army, to illustrate upcoming troop movements and upcoming unit stationing changes.

      The site, http://www.army.mil/growthearmy, features interactive maps, charts and graphs to show Soldiers and their families where the Army's new 74,200 Soldiers, six infantry brigade combat teams, eight active-component support brigades, and various-sized combat-support and combat-service-support units will move, grow or activate between fiscal years 2008 and 2013.

      "The Army is undergoing the largest transformational change since 1942," said Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Richard Cody at a Pentagon press conference. "We've changed our doctrine. We've changed our organizational structure to the Army modular force."

      "We've changed the active component and the reserve component, balancing between formations. We've changed modernization and reset programs, and at the same time, under BRAC 2005, we're changing the footprint of our Army to make it more agile, more expeditionary, but also to place our formations and our family members in camps and stations that have a higher quality of life, a higher quality of training ranges so that we have the right formations so that we are training as we would fight."

      States are color-coded and users can click on them to see specific stationing changes. The state of Texas, for example, is scheduled to gain units at both Fort Bliss and Fort Hood because of both 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act decisions and new stationing decisions, so the state will be light green on the Web site's map.

      Fort Bliss expects to gain more than 25,000 Soldiers, the 1st Armored Division from Germany, three brigade combat teams, including one from Germany, and a fires brigade.

      It will be marked on the map by green, dark blue and blue stars to represent "Infantry Brigade Combat Team," "Grow the Army," and "Other Stationing Decisions," respectively.

      Fort Hood is scheduled to gain slightly less than 6,000 Soldiers, an air-defense-artillery brigade headquarters and a sustainment brigade. It has a dark blue star on the map for "Grow the Army."

      " As soon as we got the comp(osite) approved, the team worked to build out the site -- with the functionality where you could click on each state included in the plan. We then worked to build out the fact sheets with the information given," said Shannon Sady, art director for the Army.mil team.


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