Fort McCoy Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I register a complaint about noise created by training at Fort McCoy?

A. Complaints regarding training-related noise should be directed to (608) 388-4848.

Q. Where can I find information about the program at Fort McCoy for troubled teens?

A. The program is the Wisconsin National Guard ChalleNGe Academy at Fort McCoy. For more information about the ChalleNGe Academy, visit their website, Wisconsin ChalleNGe Academy, or call (608) 269-9000 or send e-mail to

Q. How can I request a speaker for my event?

A. Contact the Public Affairs Office by calling (608) 388-2407, by writing to the Public Affairs Office, 100 East Headquarters Road, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5263, or by sending e-mail to

Q. How do I get to Fort McCoy?

A. Travel and arrival information is available here.

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of the Fort McCoy Visitor Map?

A. Maps cannot be sent electronically via email.

Visitors can obtain a copy of the map at the Main Gate upon arrival.

If your need for maps relates to training, contact the Scheduling section by sending email to

For requests related to hunting/fishing maps, call 608-388-3337 or send email to

Q. Can an individual, organization, school, club, etc., use real estate or facilities or conduct activities at Fort McCoy?

A. Fort McCoy facilities and real estate are designated for military training. Due to resource constraints alternate use is greatly restricted. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Submit written requests to the Public Affairs Office, 100 East Headquarters Road, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5263 or send by e-mail to

The two recreational facilities, Pine View and Whitetail Ridge, may be a suitable alternative.

Q. How does the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law apply at Fort McCoy?

A. Details about the applicability of the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law at Fort McCoy can be found here.

Q. Where and when can I get my Department of the Army Official Photo taken?

A. The most-current information can be found at this link.

Q. How do I schedule military training and my support requirements at Fort McCoy?

A. Information can be found at this link. Fill out the Fort McCoy Form 38 to identify all needed training and support requirements, and submit it to the Scheduling Office. Upon receipt, the Scheduling Office will contact you with a confirmation and will begin the coordination process.

Q. How do contractors/firms find out about work/contract opportunities at Fort McCoy?

A. Contractors/firms interested in information about how to do business at Fort McCoy and/or within the 19-state region supported by the Mission & Installation Contracting Command (MICC) McCoy should start by viewing the information available here.

Q. Where can I get my identification card (ID) renewed?

A. Please click here for more information about how to renew/receive an identification card

Q. Can the public enter Fort McCoy and what things are open to them?

A. Access to the installation is regulated. Several recreational opportunities are available, to include hunting, fishing, camping and skiing. Training areas are off-limits except for hunting and fishing. Self-paced driving tour and History & Heritage brochures also are available. To request a brochure or to arrange a group tour, contact the Public Affairs Office by calling (608) 388-2407, by writing to the Public Affairs Office, 100 East Headquarters Road, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5263, or by sending e-mail to

For information about hunting and fishing, contact the Directorate of Public Works (Permit Sales Office), 2171 South 8th Ave., Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5136, call (608) 388-3337, or e-mail Fishing and Hunting Regulations will be available at the Permit Sales Office (Bldg 2168), Hunter Information Points, and elsewhere on this website.

Q. Does Fort McCoy conduct an Open House for the public?

A. Fort McCoy typically conducts an annual Armed Forces Day Open House on the third Saturday in May. Activities include equipment displays, personalized dog tags, camouflage face painting, installation tours, and much more. Contact the Public Affairs Office by calling (608) 388-2407, by writing to the Public Affairs Office, 100 East Headquarters Road, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5263, or by sending e-mail to

Q. Can the public search for relics on Fort McCoy?

A. Army Regulation 420-49 prohibits scavenging on an installation/post. Any abandoned property found on the installation belongs to the United States (40 USC 310), and may not be taken by private persons. Additionally, Federal law prohibits the removal of archaeological resources on public lands.

Q. How can I get a subscription to the installation newspaper, the The Real McCoy?

A. River Valley Newspapers in West Salem, Wis., coordinates subscriptions and advertising for the The Real McCoy. River Valley Newspapers can be reached by phone at (608) 786-1950 or (800) 349-8699. An online version of the newspaper is available on this website. Please visit the "Reading Room" to view The Real McCoy Online.

Q. How can a student obtain facts or other information about Fort McCoy?

A. The Fort McCoy website contains historical and current information about the installation. For more detailed information, use the menu to navigate to "About Us" and click on "History" to reveal choices. If additional information is needed, contact the Public Affairs Office by calling (608) 388-2407, by writing to the Public Affairs Office, 100 East Headquarters Road, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5263, or by sending e-mail to

Q. How can I help Soldiers who are mobilized / deployed?

A. Support to servicemembers and their Families always is appreciated. There are many ways to show support; please visit the U.S. Department of Defense Community Relations website at for information about current programs and organizations that provide encouragement and assistance to our troops and Families, as well as for ways you can become involved.

Q. Where can I find information about Army equipment?

A. The following link provides information about equipment used by the Army:

Q. How can my organization get a tank for permanent static display or rifles for ceremonies?

A. For general information regarding equipment for static displays and the Ceremonial Rifle Program, e-mail the U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle at

Q. How can I get information about buying surplus Department of Defense property?

A. The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services is responsible for the disposition of surplus property and can be reached at 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255).

To learn about the surplus equipment being sold throughout the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS), visit the Government Liquidation, LLC website at, or call (480) 367-1300, fax to (480) 367-1450. Inquiries can be mailed to: Government Liquidation, LLC; 15051 North Kierland Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. For more information about the DRMS, visit their website at or call 1-877-DLA-CALL (1-877-352-2255).

Q. How can I get surplus property donated to my organization?

A. If a use cannot be found for property within the Department of Defense or non-Department of Defense federal activities, items are donated to state or local governments through the General Service Administration's (GSA's) State Surplus Property Program. Through GSA, donations are made to eligible non-profit organizations.

For Wisconsin, contact the Wisconsin Division of Federal Property (WDFP) by writing to 1 Foundation Circle, Waunakee, WI 53597-8914, by calling (608) 849-2449, by sending e-mail to, or by visiting the website.

Q. Can anyone buy a tank? A machine gun? A gas mask?

A. No. Offensive and defensive military equipment is sold only as scrap, rendered useless for its intended purpose. This process is called demilitarization.

Q. How may a member of the general public obtain government publications?

A. The office of the Superintendent of Documents carries a free catalog of all its documents and costs on its website. The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) also carries government publications. To contact NTIS, you may call 1-888-584-8332 or (703) 605-6050 or e-mail at The NTIS website is located here

Q. How may I obtain a copy of my military personnel record?

A. Visit U.S. Army FAQ for information on procedures to request copies of military records.

Q. How may I obtain a copy of my military medical record?

A. The following link explains where and how to receive a copy of your military medical record.

Q. How may I obtain historical information about the Army?

A. This link will direct you to find historical information on the Army and Army units.

Q. Where can I find information about U.S. Army patches and insignia? Where can I purchase patches/insignia?

A. Click here to access The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) online. For inquiries about patches/insignia, contact TIOH by writing to 9325 Gunston Road, Room S-112, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5579, by calling (703) 806-4971 or by sending e-mail to Inquiries should include as much information as possible about the unit and parent units.

Several commercial businesses also advertise the sale of patches/insignia in a variety of magazines and newspapers.

Q. Am I being scammed?

A. Visit the U.S. Army FAQ website for the most recent information about identifying and reporting scams.

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