Fort McCoy's Mission, Vision, Motto, Strategic Objectives, Organization Competencies,
Command Imperatives, Operational Beliefs, Army Values

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Underpin Total Force Readiness by serving as a Training Center and a Support Site for Power Projection Missions.

Support the training and readiness of military personnel and units of all branches and components of America's Armed Forces. Serve as the exclusive provider of facilities, infrastructure, and the full range of installation Base Operations support and services to stationed and transient training units, installation tenants, and area support customers (off-post). Provide standardized, effective, and efficient services, facilities, infrastructure, and quality-of-life programs to Soldiers, Families, and Civilian employees. Serve as a secondary Mobilization Force Generation Installation. On order, provide Defense Support of Civil Authorities. Accomplish assigned missions in a sustainable fashion exercising effective stewardship of the natural environment.


To be the Premier Training Center and Power Projection Installation for America's Defense Forces.


Total Force Training Center

Strategic Objectives

  • Sustain and Modernize Fort McCoy’s Cantonment, Range Complex, Strategic Mobility, Physical Security, Quality Of Life, and Information Technology Infrastructure.
  • Maintain and expand Fort McCoy’s Institutional and Transient Training customer base.
  • Attract, retain, and develop a competent, professional workforce.
  • Increase Fort McCoy’s military value through efficient cantonment facility management and access to additional maneuver space.
  • Enhance communication and collaboration internally and with Enterprise Transformation organizations and Tenant Training organizations.
  • Deliver high-quality, responsive, and innovative quality-of-life programs and services for Soldiers, Families, Retirees, Employees, and Transient Training population.
  • Ensure Fort McCoy’s military value and relevance to DoD and the region are recognized throughout the DoD, our regional communities, and among our elected officials at all levels as a premier training center of choice.

Organization Competencies

  • Our understanding of joint, interagency and multi-national customers, and our ability to support their requirements during peacetime and war.
  • Our institutionalized installation management system and culture of continuous process improvement.
  • Our ability to integrate services in support of base operations and transient training customers.
  • Our understanding of Army systems and how the Army operates, and our ability to use this knowledge to garner the resources necessary to execute our mission.

Command Imperatives

  • Maintain integrated protection of the force vigilance and excellence.
  • Fort McCoy history and heritage will inform master planning.

Organizational Beliefs

  • Military And Civilian Service at Fort McCoy demands values-centered professionals.
  • Fort McCoy focuses on results and accountability.
  • Fort McCoy delivers the highest-quality products and services. 
  • Fort McCoy embraces continuous improvement.
  • Stewardship of Fort McCoy’s fiscal and natural resources, energy, and environment is imperative.

Army Values

  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Selfless-Service
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Personal Courage

Contact Information

Public Affairs Office
100 East Headquarters Rd
Fort McCoy, WI 54656