Fort McCoy's Mission, Vision, Motto, Strategic Objectives, Organizational Competencies, Command Imperatives, Operational Beliefs, Army Values

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The Mission of Fort McCoy is to Underpin Readiness of the Force by Serving as a Training Center and a Support Site for Power Projection Missions.


To be the Premier Training Center and Force Projection Site of Choice for America's Reserve Component Defense Forces.

Our Vision identifies the strategic direction that we have set for Fort McCoy in order to remain mission relevant and responsive to the requirements of our key stakeholders and supported customers.


Total Force Training Center

Fort McCoy is known as the Total Force Training Center because this installation supports the training and mobilization of reserve and active component military personnel from all branches of America's armed forces.

Fort McCoy has become the training site of choice for satisfying both individual and collective training requirements.

The installation's varied terrain, state-of-the-art ranges, new as well as renovated facilities, and extensive support infrastructure, combine to afford our military personnel with an excellent environment in which to develop and sustain the skills necessary for their mission success.

Strategic Objectives

We will achieve our vision through the accomplishment of these Strategic Objectives:

  • Modernize the Installation Infrastructure.
  • Enhance Fort McCoy's Military Value Through Improved Training Area Utilization And Land Use Initiatives.
  • Maintain And Expand Fort McCoy's Military Training Customer Base.
  • Acquire, Effectively Use And Continuously Conserve Resources.
  • Provide Well-Being Programs That Improve The Quality Of Life For Soldiers, Families And Employees.

Organization Competencies

Over the years, Fort McCoy has developed its own proven set of Organization Competencies that we consider fundamental to our continuing success. These competencies have enabled Fort McCoy to maintain its military relevance and provide our customers with high-quality service, delivered professionally and responsively, and in a cost-effective manner.

  • Our Understanding Of Reserve Component Forces And Our Ability To Support Their Requirements During Peacetime and War.
  • Our Ability To Continuously Examine The Organization's Capabilities To Improve The Quality Of Our Base Operations Support.
  • Our Understanding Of Army Systems And How The Army Operates, And Our Ability To Use This Knowledge To Garner The Resources Necessary To Execute Our Mission.

Command Imperatives

The Fort McCoy leadership has identified a series of recurring activities or Command Imperatives that are applicable to all members of the work force. Collectively, these activities will produce results that are essential to realizing our strategic vision.

  • Enhance Communication With Key Stakeholders And Customers To Promote Awareness Of The Installation's Capabilities And Military Value.
  • Foster Strategic Partnerships To Achieve Mutually Beneficial Mission Results.
  • Attract, Retain, And Develop A Competent Work Force Capable Of Supporting Emerging Customer Requirements.
  • Use Strategic Planning, Operational Planning And Management Processes To Fulfill Our Strategic Requirements.
  • Maintain A Strong Customer Focus To Exceed Customer Expectations.
  • Maintain Force Protection Vigilance.

Organizational Beliefs

Our Organizational Beliefs define a series of personal responsibilities that all members of the work force are expected to embrace.

  • Focus On Results And Accountability.
  • Demonstrate Quality In What We Do.
  • Strive For Continuous Improvement.
  • Be Good Stewards Of Fort McCoy’s Environment.

The Army Values

As a garrison work force, we remain committed to the Army's Values.

  • Loyalty
  • .
  • Duty
  • .
  • Respect
  • .
  • Selfless-Service
  • .
  • Honor
  • .
  • Integrity
  • .
  • Personal Courage
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Contact Information

Public Affairs Office
100 East Headquarters Rd
Fort McCoy, WI 54656